Magic Mike in Scarborough, North Yorkshire
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Puppets!  A fantastic opportunity to unleash your pupils creative imaginations through story-telling and manipulation of puppetry.This workshop works well at two levels, both at the begin of the topic to fuel the children’s imagination and give them direction before they start their project or near the end of the topic so they can see the results of their hard work and how it can all come together.

The first section

This two hour workshop includes a short talk and examples about the different puppets and their origins, how they work and when they would be used in different situations.  Examples will be shown and handled to demonstrate how, through their own imagination you can start with a puppet and by giving it an identity, how it becomes much more than that, transforming it into a new character with a story to tell.

The second section

The class will be divided into groups to work on the puppets that we supply.  They are encouraged to develop a character for their puppets, ie names, age, personality, where they live and how the different puppets may be connected. They will also be asked to come up with a short story with their puppets and groups will take it in turns to perform what they have achieved.

The Third Section

In this section the children will have the chance to develop there skills as puppet makers as they are shown how to make there own puppets.With demonstrations of different technics and materials that can be used to encourage the children to come up with there very own designs.  

The final section

Ok, here is the really fun bit now.  The children will be introduced to my characters and be shown how, with a bit of imagination and a lot of passion and practice, their own puppets can come to life. Oscar the naughty parrot, he doesn't speak but makes up for it by performing magic, Carlos, he is on his holidays from Brazil and Chuck, everyone's favourite, a seven year old with all the answers!

The conclusion

At the end of the workshop all the children will be encouraged to then go away and put all their ideas and skills they have learnt into developing the making of their own puppets. Puppet workshops are suitable for all key stages and can be adapted to fit most topics.

The puppet workshop has numerous cross curricular links:-

Literacy:- Character profiles, character descriptions, script writing, instruction writing, setting descriptions and speaking and listening.

Numeracy:- Measure, (materials used) money (cost of materials and introduction into budgeting)

Drama:- Performing and acting through there puppets and scripts they have

Design and technology:- the design of there character and the manufacture of the puppet with the different materials that they have seen.

All workshops can be adapted to suit your school but as a rough guide a usual workshop would be either a morning or afternoon and would lasts two hours (with a break in-between) and is aimed at Year 3 to Year 6 pupils (based on an average class size of 25 to 30 children).

The cost for such a workshop would be £150.00.  A full days session (ie. 2 x 2hr sessions for two classes (one after the other) would be £175.00.  Again this is only a guide and can be tailored to your schools specific needs.

Safety and peace of mind comes with Magic Mike Ltd as we have 10 million pounds public liability insurance, all electrical equipment is PAT tested and a full up-to-date police and CRB check are in place.  Please feel free to contact our office and speak to our friendly staff who will help you with any questions you may have.